Group Coaching


We are what we repeatedly do; therefore, excellence is not merely an act, but a habit. ”  - Aristotle

When it comes to getting things done, personal coaching is the perfect fit. It’s been said that without accountability in your life, your results wax and wane and the emotion or the mood of the moment dictates what action you will or won’t take and therefore, determines your success on a project, dream, or goal.

When accountability is structured into your life, consistency and follow through significantly improves and therefore, your results do too. For many people, personal coaching has been the missing link from knowing what to do and actually doing it… from dreaming about it to living it each day.

Remember: The best ability is accountability....We will help give you as a business, an entrepreneur, or just a person how to not only establish that accountability, but also to keep it.

To explore a coaching relationship, I offer a complimentary consultation session to get to know you, your goals, and challenges and for you to get to know me, my coaching style, philosophy, and process.

 I offer two different packages in Life Coaching

Platinum Package-

The Platinum package is ideal for clients who want to “Launch Your Life” in the areas of personal, business, and financial results. The Platinum Package is most commonly a combination of Life coaching – purpose, goals, self esteem, success habits AND Business coaching – branding,marketing, and sales.

Gold Package-

The Gold Package “Jump Starts” your success path. The Gold Package is ideal for the coaching client who is seeking support to develop and establish their own solid foundation and key success habits to navigate their personal and professional life.