Self improvement 101

I just finished speaking to an organization regarding Fatherhood! During my talk i shared what i believe to be the most Foundational principle to all i have experinced in life with some amazing amount of success. So when i was asked by one of the participants "What has been your biggest challenge in overcoming the death of your father'?  I instantly saw my life and the reason why i did not live in a "Negative Attraction" Zone.  Let me explain. In the midst of lifes settings, circumstances, sitiations and challenges we all have the power to choose how we will response. Good or bad, positive or negative we are responsible for the outcome. As my mentor Jack Canfield says in his book The Success Principles, E+R=O. Events + MY RESPONSE = OUTCOME.  So again it dawned on me in a strong way that The day i stopped holding myself in a negative attraction, meaning negative People,places, and things are attracted to me because i keep an ongoing negative attitude from every negative event!!!!  (WOW thats a lot)  Was the day i chose to FORGIVE!!!!  I had just finished drinking a bottle of water, i reached and held up the empty bottle and said " You cant give it if you dont have it"!!!  In other words the only way i can GIVE forgiveness is i must possess forgiveness inside of me!!! My friend Self Improvement 101 is the forgiveness of YOU by YOU so YOU can DO in life what only YOU can DO!!!!  I know for me after i forgave someone for something that was done to me as a teenager, it was the next year i met my best friend in the whole world who i have been married to now for almost 30 years!!!  Living a free life of forgiveness and acceptance of self and others is what im calling Self improvement 101!!!!  Its your time now. How well are you improving? Theres no better time that the present!!!!   Thank you very much.


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